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Racine County Fun Facts

Racine County served as an early hub for automobile production. It was in Racine that J. W. Cathcart constructed one of the world’s initial automobiles around 1871 or 1872. Additionally, Racine was the birthplace of the Pennington Victoria tricycle, the Mitchell car, and the Case vehicle.

Lakefront view of Racine County, Wisconsin.

Racine Car Clubs


Lakeshore Sports Car Club

5th Street Yacht Club

A Yacht club that holds classic car shows


Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club

About Racine County

Racine County, Wisconsin, is a place where history and innovation intersect. From its rich heritage and economic prowess to its natural beauty and vibrant arts scene, the county offers a diverse array of experiences. For example, history comes to life at the Racine Heritage Museum, where visitors can explore exhibits detailing the county’s past. From Native American artifacts to displays on Racine’s industrial history, the museum provides a glimpse into the diverse heritage of the region.

"The Spark"

In 1873, the Rev. Dr. J. W. Carhart from Racine created and piloted the initial light self-propelled highway vehicle in the United States, likely one of the earliest globally. This vehicle, dubbed “the Spark,” utilized a two-cylinder steam engine for power, directed by a lever, and could reach speeds of up to five miles per hour. Years later, at the 1908 International Automobile Exposition in Paris, France, Carhart was honored as the “Father of Automobiles,” receiving both a cash prize and a certificate of distinction for his innovative invention.

Did You Know?

  • Racine County has a total population of 197,727, making it the fifth-most populated county in Wisconsin.
  • William Horlick invented malted milk in 1887, in Racine County.
  • The county’s name itself is French for “root,” a nod to its French heritage and location along the Root River.

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